We are currently investing in independent fitness studios, trainers and coaches who have a passion for people, and a desire to grow their fitness business to $1M+ in annual revenue.

Who we are

We are a health and wellness lifestyle brand. We exist to eliminate the epidemic of heart disease, obesity, depression, guilt and shame. We do it together. 

We’ve been featured in Forbes Magazine, Crunchbase, Voyage LA and we’ve been recognized by the city of Los Angeles as one of the top Small Businesses in LA. In everything we do, we aim to create an atmosphere of community and relationship. When you use our products or visit one of our locations, we believe you’ll feel it too.  Today we have several successful fitness studios in Los Angeles and a fitness social networking app that allows users to join communities for on-demand professional health coaching, live streaming workouts, peer-to-peer engagement and premium health and wellness content.

What we do

We search for the highest potential fitness studios, trainers and coaches that have the passion and capacity, but lack the time and knowledge to scale their business to $1M+ in annual revenue. 

After scaling our own fitness business from $0 to $1M in annual revenue, we had a desire to continue growing without sacrificing quality. We looked into franchising, however the rules, regulations and fees make it almost impossible for a franchisee to succeed. We decided to invest into successful independent studios, trainers and coaches to help them scale, while profit sharing in the partnership makes a win/win situation for everyone. 

Our value props

People First Mentality

Relationship first, profit second. We believe the relationships drive results. Whether it’s trainer/client or an operational partnership, relationship is the foundation to success.

A Different Kind Of Partnership

We have a team of fitness management educators, sales/marketing professionals and entrepreneurial mentors that have taken fitness studios from $0 to $1M in annual revenue in under 3 years. If we see a good partnership fit, we provide resources for success, and investments into your business for growth.

Exclusive Social Fitness and Coaching App

We provide exclusive access to our social fitness app for tracking heart rate monitored workouts, logging fitness activities, connecting with friends and easy-to-use lead generation tools.

High level managment, sales funnels, ad optimizations and proven streamlined processes

We want our partners to focus on what they do best: People and Results. We bring the resources necesarry to scale and grow your already existing business while you focus on quality and results.

A partnership specializing in retention and growth

GoTribe has created processes and growth strategies that produces a 90% retention rate (industry standard is around 60%). This gives owners an easy and predictable growth strategy for hitting personal financial goals faster.

A partnership with freedom

We are a growing company. We love collaboration, self improvement and building each other up. When GoTribe partners with a studio, coach or trainer, you’re invited into a community of fitness professionals aimed to making each other better. There is also room in the corporate office if you ever decided to expand beyond gym ownership!

the core 3


We use a combination of processes and proprietary technology to keep monthly member retention at 90% or above. This is a truly unique metric to hit, as the average studio or gym has a 30% – 60% monthly retention rate. This allows us to focus more on quality, and less on hitting sales quotas. Sales are still very important, but not our top priority.


We have spent years cracking the code to sales and aquisition. We found 4 key components of driving sales: the target market, the offer, the sales funnel and the micro-managment of data. We know… trainers hate the word “micro-management”. So we cracked the code, created a process and run marketing ourselves. This way, coaches can be coaches. Leave the micro-managing of data to our system. 


We found a big problem in the fitness industry. People will pay hundreds of dollars a month for an hour of training, but what is happening for the other 23 hours of the day? We created a proprietary fitness data tracking and social networking app that engages members inside the gym and out. Coaches can communicate with members, send workouts, issue challenges and track the health metrics of their members. This app is the foundation of the business. The connection point that ties everything together.

Overview of resources



Problem sovles for cancellations and downgrades


Trainer Performance Reviews


Weekly Business Review Meetings


Team 1-1's


Training and development of systems and processes



Systems Education (PushPress, Close.io CRM, Company Pulse, Slack, GoTRIBE Social)


Handling Leads


B2B and B2C Partnerships


target market, the offer, the sales funnel and the micro-managment of data


Community Outreach



GoTribe Social app, AWS and Cloud services management


Wordpress, Slack, Zapier, Website, Pushpress integrations management


heart rate monitored workouts


Beta testing and version rollout management


Jira sprint and project management

what we look for in a partner

If any of this describes you, please read further: 


  • Already existing business (at least $8k in monthly revenue)
  • Employees or independent staff is a plus
  • Results and success stories from clients/members
  • Flexible with changes for scalability and growth
  • Open to new ideas and structures  
  • Team player 
  • Successful but small business, unable to “break through” to the next level
  • Open to an equity partnership with a goal to scale to $1M in annual revenue
  • Someone who follows our Core Values:
  • Entitled To Nothing
  • Empowered To Everything
  • Highest Level Of Integrity 
  • Greatest Level Of Respect 


Apply Now

If you would like to be considered for a partnership with GoTribe, please contact us here. Space is extremely limited. This is an equity partnership opportunity, serious inquiries only.

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