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Our passion for what we do is founded on the meaningful and long-lasting relationship we create with you, being your encouragement through the hard times and your friend through the great times. Our coaches’ dedication to you goes way beyond a “session”, instead we help you integrate processes and solutions that improve every part of your life. From nutrition to stress management, from workouts to sleep, we got you covered!


Once you start, this will be your process.

Before GoTRIBE

We recommend taking our GoTRIBE Success Quiz before your first day. This is extremely important in helping us and you…understand YOU! Our coaches will then assess your answers and pair you with the right health coach who fits your personality, goals and experience!

Once you start, this will be your process.

Meeting Your Health Coach

Every GTF member receives a dedicated health coach along with the membership. Your health coach is your friend, coach and accountability partner. They help you create a health and fitness roadmap to ensure you are set up for success based on your goals, but they are also available outside of the workout to coach you through nutrition, sleep and stress management as well! You will want to arrive 15 minutes early on your first day of Tribe to meet your new health coach and set up a plan for success!

Once you start, this will be your process.

Schedule Out

Make sure you schedule out your sessions and classes 2 – 4 weeks in advance. Consistency is key in the game of fitness and wellness, and having a routine is the best way to ensure success!

Already puchased your plan or trial? Schedule your classes now!

We’ll be in contact with you very soon! Thank you for trusting us with your fitness.

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